MMPN – Detroit has been an intricate part of the Detroit community for 97 years with the motto “To Serve Humanity”. MMPN – Detroit takes great pride in promoting community partnerships and implementing various community service projects.

Our service includes, but is not limited to: community health fairs; distribution of food baskets or gift cards to families in need for Thanksgiving; participation in community baby showers; and support to other community service organizations and programs

Education & Mentoring

Part of the mission of Mary Mahoney Professional Nurses – Detroit is to preserve the memory of Mary Eliza Mahoney through education and mentoring. To that end, we have developed programs such as Mary Mahoney’s Introduction to Nursing (MMIN), a STEM program.

During the initial phase of this program, we provide a platform for interested and motivated middle school students to learn what nurses do, where nurses work, and to explore the future in nursing. In addition, we provide information and exposure that empowers students to choose high school curriculums that would prepare them for college and toward a profession in nursing.

To further promote education and mentoring, Mary Mahoney Professional Nurses – Detroit continues to provide scholarships to eligible students pursuing a career in nursing, and guidance to nursing students who are trying to navigate their way through their nursing education experience.

In addition, we encourage open dialogue and exchange in the nursing community through events such as the Mahoney monologues, held at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, where we invited nurses to speak about the challenges they experienced in their nursing education as well as their careers.

MMPN members Susan Scott and Dr. Wanda Chukwu discuss our Adopt-A-Student Nurse Campaign on 910am Superstation